“I knew and said to myself ‘freedom exists out there somewhere’, but I was bound at the wrists by a restraint far worse than iron-cast shackles.”

“It always was like my mom used to say. Actions speak louder than words. For a long time, I listened to the words rather than see the actions speak for themselves.”

“The only thing I couldn’t take was the emotional roller coaster. I used to sit in the backyard, bored out of my skull ‘cause I was never allowed to do anything without him, picking daisy petals saying to myself ‘I love him, I love him not.”

“I became totally dependent after the promises of a loving union forever. I sold my car, gave him all my money, then quit my job, and eventually quit hanging out with my family and my friends. Once he saw I was locked in, then, it really hit the fan.”

“For me, it was the constant fear. My lover became my phobia.”

“I will always remember my counselor. After I told about the abuse, it took her two seconds to say she didn’t think I was crazy. It took me attending one of her support groups before I began to believe her.”