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Comments about the book - Reflecting on Domestic Violence!

Comments about the Book!

Please feel free to comment about the book, Reflecting on Domestic Violence: Understanding the Emotional Aftermath, or leave a comment about your thoughts or a personal story in regards to the book.

You can leave an anonymous comment no problem- anonymous words carry the same impact.
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  • Sally G. says:

    Reflecting on Domestic Violence ensured me that I indeed was not alone with my confused emotions. This book has opened my eyes and allowed me to move on and open my heart again! This is truly a ‘workbook’ as put in one of the testimonials. Thank you for your contributions Lauren!

    • Sue S. says:

      This book is great!!! I hope it helps women everywhere who need it!!!

      -Sue S. –St. Augustine , Florida

      • Dear Sue S.,

        Thank you so much for your feedback! I truly hope my book is inspirational and helpful to women as well as men! Men are also victims of abuse; but many rarely disclose it due to embarrassment. That is understandable and also a reason many women stay in these relationships. They feel the same embarrassment as well.


    • Thank you Sally G! I am honored to know my book has made a difference in your life! All the best to you always.


  • Monica Turner says:

    This book is a must read for dealing with the issues of domestic violence. Lauren has done an outstanding job of showing you the right tools in ending any abusive situation you or a friend may be in.

    • Thank you for your comment Monica! It’s my hope to help educate and empower those who need it. The emotional aftermath of abuse is very draining. I hope my book helps give strength back to people experiencing this in their relationships.

  • Starr Emerson says:

    Life can be complex, confusing and sad. There are a lot of women who are in a relationship
    that is harmful either emotionally and or physically. This book addresses issues and situations
    which are all too commonplace. Makarov has an incredible insight into a woman’s psyche. She
    has woven Poetry as a tool for understanding and healing. She makes clear the many options available to anyone who wants to transcend depression into happiness.
    I recommend this book and I especially enjoyed the poetry which is demonstrated to be very
    user friendly to anyone, rhymes are not necessary. Writing can be healing, as well as reading this

  • Sunshine M. says:

    An honest look at a difficult topic, Makarov has wonderful insights shared through original poetry and classic prose. If you, or anyone in your life, has encountered domestic violence this book is a must read.

    • Thank you Sunshine! You are right. It is a difficult topic. One of my goals with the book is to inspire women to find their voices again.
      I used writing therapy as a DV counselor in many of my support groups. From the feedback I recieved, it really helped some of them.

  • Reflecting on Domestic Violence is a powerful and helpful book broken down into ten emotions that victims and survivors of domestic violence experience. The author inserts poetry which deepens the understanding of each emotion. The poems are moving and dramatic and give insight into the feelings that domestic violence victims have. This book is a must read for anyone associated with domestic violence.

  • Carrie G says:

    I absolutely love your book. In fact, I keep it in my bedside drawer and reference it often.
    Your poetry is beautiful and hits the mark with me.

    Carrie G.

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