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Reflecting On Domestic Violence
Understanding the Emotional Aftermath

An Inspirational Book by Lauren Makarov


Lauren Makarov is going to help a whole lot of people navigate their way out of abusive and potentially deadly relationships. Her book, Reflecting on Domestic Violence, is like a shining beacon at the end of a long dark tunnel. If you want help understanding why you are being abused and how you can stop it, READ THIS BOOK.

Bill Goss, Professional Speaker/Author of the highly acclaimed book, The Luckiest Unlucky Man Alive

Reflecting on Domestic Violence is a dynamic new model of intervention for victims of domestic violence. This innovative and fresh approach of healing from the ravishes of domestic violence sets a new standard in the battered women’s movement. Survivors and advocates alike will use this manual time and time again for direction and understanding.

Gail A. Patin, ACSW, LCSW, Director of Victims’ Service, Hubbard House, Jacksonville, Florida

Lauren Makarov has written a haunted and haunting book. Reflecting on Domestic Violence is a work book, ‘an educational tool’, in the sense that is has a job to do in the real world, and it does that job intelligently, passionately, and well.

William Slaughter, Professor of English, University of North Florida, Author of Untold Stories and The Politics of My Heart

Reflecting on Domestic Violence offers a new lens to view, explain and validate the daunting experiences of domestic violence. Lauren Makarov does more than tell the story of battered women. She introduces the reader to the "emotional roller coaster" victims and survivors experience while seamlessly weaving in poetry that reflects their shared experiences

Sheila Spivey, Director, University of North Florida Women's Center

Reflecting on Domestic Violence is a powerful and helpful book broken down into ten emotions that victims and survivors of domestic violence experience. The author inserts poetry which deepens the understanding of each emotion. The poems are moving and dramatic and give insight into the feelings that domestic violence victims have. This book is a must read for anyone associated with domestic violence.

Katelin Maloney - Author of Drowning

Lauren Makarov's book Reflecting on Domestic Violence is an excellent resource that can be utilized and adapted for all readers. The transparency provided through her personal experiences along with her professional knowledge and expertise, Lauren provides a unique perspective on domestic violence. It is reader friendly for professionals as well as victims, their family and friends, educators, and anyone interested in self help. It is a book that continues to give with state by state resources and guides for facilitation.

Mrs. Sarah Fox, MA, -Victim Advocate, U.S. Army

Hope at Hand works with many vulnerable and at-risk populations in North Florida, including victims of domestic violence. We use poetry therapy, mindfulness, yoga and art to connect with our participants.
Ms. Makarov’s poems exemplify the healing power of words. They are powerful testimonies to love, life, choice and change.

Steffani Fletcher - Executive Director, Hope at Hand